Our approach, unique through marketing and sales

Our unique method ensures that we deliver real results in sales and marketing. In order to make our unique combination of sales and marketing knowledge work, we follow certain steps: 

1: Quickscan

Everything starts with a personal quick-scan. Not only based on numbers, but especially by contacting you and your people. What is your goal? How do you plan to achieve this? Where are the opportunities? Together we will discuss this, after which we will brainstorm and return within 14 days with a complete sales proposal.

2: Smart data

When you have the data, you have the knowledge and Sales In Motion makes use of available data in a smart way. Not only your data, but also from the market, the trends and naturally, our data. For over the past 25 years, we have been able to gather extensive knowledge and information within our 3 core industries. Valuable? Certainly, and we are happy to share this with you.

3: B2B Network

Everyone knows how to use Google, but business begins with sincere and mutual contact. By randomly calling, the scoring opportunities will be low and the labor intensity will be disproportionately high. We have our own, active network and database of medium to very large companies. Thanks to our reputation, these partners are open to new business and creating opportunities with our customers. 

4: Action

Our sales specialists guarantee you solid results. This makes us unique and also keeps us focused. Without concrete action, we are unable to fulfill our promises. We will call daily, visit and approach hundreds of opportunities, prospects and partners, on your behalf. This enables Sales In Motion to realize what is promised: results for our customers through strategic sales.