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Please contact us directly to use our sales and marketing knowledge and experience.

Our services

We distinguish ourselves from others, through our unique combination of sales and marketing on a strategic and operational level. We do not stop after we have delivered results, we will constantly keep working for you, in order to improve sales results for your company. This set up, combined with our experience within the entertainment-, hospitality- and travel industry, enables us to realize the commercial growth for your company.

Sales support; Inbound & Outbound

Sales and partnering only work well if you can work together with genuine added value. A symbiotic...

Joint promotions & Barter deals

Joint promotions and Barter deals create interesting links that reinforce each other's brand. Many...

Sponsoring & Media Partnership

Sales In Motion excels in the entertainment-, hospitality- and travel industry. We can assist in...

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Each project begins with the WHY question; Why are we going to do what we do? Just by considering...

About us

Sales In Motion offers a unique proposition as an entrepreneur. We hear you thinking: ‘Don’t they all say that?’ Our unique selling proposition is simple: we deliver results in sales and marketing. When a consultant stops after a given advice, and call centers only operate quantitatively, we constantly work towards hard sales results for your company. SIM focuses on three specific branches within the B2B realm:...

Our approach, unique through marketing and sales

Our unique method ensures that we deliver real results in sales and marketing. In order to make our unique combination of sales and marketing knowledge work, we follow certain steps: 

1: Quickscan

Everything starts with a personal quick-scan. Not only based on numbers, but especially by contacting you and your people.

2: Smart data

When you have the data, you have the knowledge and Sales In Motion makes use of available data in a smart way.

3: B2B Network

Everyone knows how to use Google, but business begins with sincere and mutual contact.

4: Action

Our sales specialists guarantee you solid results. This makes us unique and also keeps us focused.


Fremad Russia hires Sales in Motion for sales and marketing activities

26 September 2018

Sales In Motion is proud to announce that Fremad Russia hired us to do their sales and marketing...

Beiersdorf is using the services and knowledge of Sales in Motion

26 September 2018

The fact that Joint Promotions & Barter deals is a specialty of Sales In Motion proves the...

Direct contact with our experts

Rick Gemser


Frank Schretlen

Sales executive

Emmapark 14
2595 ET, The Hague

+31 85 208 5040
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